A downloadable BSP Loader

From the person what got Gamemaker to load Doom maps comes the next illogical step!



OzarQ is a powerful tool for Gamemaker Studio that enables developers to easily import and use maps directly from compiled Quake BSP files. OzarQ enables developers to use powerful Quake authoring tools, such as Trenchbroom and EricW's various compilers, to create custom game content for their own projects within Gamemaker Studio. With OzarQ, developers have the ability to create 3D game content easily and rapidly. Long gone are the endless mountains of code required just to render a 3d textured cube. In their place, other mountains of code that I've written that you don't even have to look at! In order to use the system, it just takes three lines of code written by you!

Let's take a look at the features currently implemented into OzarQ!

  • Level geometry
  • Textures
  • Entities
  • Lightmaps, grayscale, RGB, and animated, dawg!
  • Lightmaps packed to a global atlas for ridiculous performance.
  • Level geometry batched for insane performance (giant levels might cause problems but we'll cross that bridge later)
  • Collision detection provided by ColMesh integration. Super performant, super Raaaaaaaad!
  • Basic support for dynamic models!
    • Can't pass through closed doors
    • Elevators will elevate you (needs a little work)
  • Worldspawn entity keys like fog let you set the mood in your level!
  • That retro warpy liquid shader thing!
  • Example FPS player pawn powered by verlet integration
  • You can swim! ( its kinda janky, but it works! )
  • Multiple supported BSP formats: 
    • BSP29 - Classic Quake 1 format
    • BSP2 - limit removed format for more detailed level geometry!
  • And probably other stuff that I'm not remembering right now!

Let's take a closer look at the currently supported Vanilla Quake entities:

Orange - partially complete

Green - complete enough

Red - not gonna bother

What is the current goal of OzarQ? I would love to get this to a point where it's viable for use in a real video game project. Right now it's not feature complete, but when it is you'll be able to not only load and explore the levels you create in tools like Trenchbroom, QuakeEd, QuArK and others, but you'll be able to interact with them. Trigger volumes will behave as expected, lava and slime will trigger pain states, buttons will trigger the activation of other things like moving platforms. The logic you design in the mapping process will just WORK.

OzarQ is being designed from the ground up to be open source. Once development reaches a point where it's usable, I will release playable demos that you can use to test your own maps, and the source code itself will be made available here, and on github.

OzarQ is a personal passion project of mine, and it's not making me any money. If you like the work that I do and want to support me, check out my ko-fi or consider buying one of my assets or games!

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man this is awesome 


Hey thanks!

Very nice I'd say, but i got a quiestion. What have u used to make this? like which Programming language, and how u made this ? 

This is for Gamemaker, that means it is written in GML, the Gamemaker language.

It's really possible to write on GML only ? U didn't even use something other ? like some libraries maybe

It is written only I'm GML. I have not written any dlls for this. It is all Gamemaker only

Is this compatible with GMS2?

This is specifically built for gms 2022 and newer.

Looks interesting, I like the old Quake/PS1 'Look' .. Im REALLY interested if you can create your own BSP files to load into and use ...

Creating your own BSP maps was the whole reason I started this. All you have to do is download one of the many quake map editors, set up the compilers, and go ham.