A downloadable game

This gem was originally shared with the world back in 2020 on reddit, but I realize that it should probably be added to my Itch.io portfolio, so here it is!

Myst: Gameboy Edition.

This project was canceled in 2020 when Cyan alerted me to the fact that if I continued my work on this project that I was not allowed to share the actual game with anybody. It was a staggering defeat to say the least. That being said, it now has an official memorial here on Itch.io.

Rest in peace, young one. May your light shine bright in this dark world.


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If you're able to say, how come you wouldn't be able to share the game if completed?

Cyan, creators of the original game, told me I'm not allowed to share it without facing legal backlash. Because I'm not allowed to share it, I just abandoned the project. 

Daaaaaang 😔😔